Welcome to The Edventure!

I have been working with other teachers in Illinois State University’s Writing Program to develop my English 145 curriculum for the Fall 2012 term. Now that I have developed and implemented a few English 101 courses, I am looking forward to working on a new course. I will be working with students who are farther along in their academic studies. The course is “Writing in the Disciplines.” I plan to build some “real-world” experiences into my course design including student-to-professional interviews, primary source research, and peer-to-peer exchange and presentations.

Last week, in order to begin to prepare to deliver some of the course content to my students, I began ReggieNet (Sakai) training at the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology in order to migrate content I had created in Blackboard over the past few years. Of course, a transition always entails unexpected mishaps and delights. I am really happy with some of the features of ReggieNet, including the grade book and communication features. I am not so happy with the file migration, but I can work around that. It was time to re-organize my file structure anyway, so this was the kick I needed.

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