Course Design

As I continue to develop my English 145 curriculum for the Fall 2012 term, I decided to ask some of my friends what it is that they do in their 145 course to see what kinds of strategies work the best for students. Because the course is “Writing in the Disciplines,” I will be working across disciplinary boundaries–some of which I will know nothing about. That’s the fun part; I will learn so much from my students.

I haven’t done a great deal with ReggieNet (Sakai), yet. I am getting some great advice from my peer, and I am hoping to take a CTLT workshop on working with primary source materials from the Library of Congress. I want students to do a module on historic aspects of their individual disciplines. I imagine it to be a kind of ethical foray into some problematic or problematizable notion pertaining to different academic disciplines. For example, if one is going into the medical profession, one has to understand the idea of the Hippocratic oath and why it is important. A student could investigate the idea of “Snake Oil Salespersons” of the past in order to understand why their are ethics rules for medical professionals. I’m sure many academic disciplines have a shady side that could be explored. I think it could be a really interesting and fun module to help students understand why their discipline has evolved the way that it has.

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