Course Portfolio Course

Just as the word “portfolio” is book-ended with the word “course” in my blog title for today, I find that I am working toward this goal with my summer strategies to develop my own teaching portfolio while I work toward my publication goals. That is, Writer Teacher Writer, seems to be an apropos way to conceptualize what it is that I am doing. The two concepts are holding hands and are becoming increasingly intertwined. To help me visualize an end-goal (or at least reasonable segues among the parts), I am going to take another summer workshop at the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology at ISU so that I may document my instructional progress with my English 145 course for the fall term. This seems like a prudent choice in order to document my course design development as I implement my Genre Studies model for this course.

I’ll post a synthesis of what I learned and how I intend to flesh out my course portfolio skeleton as I gather reading and assignment materials for my students: the majority of whom appear to be psychology majors. Fun!

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